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Carter is available for Presentations, Seminars, Playshops and Speaking engagements for Organizations, Conferences and House Parties.

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Sample Topics…

Places to Intervene
A seminar in systems thinking using climate change as a case study.

Using Donella Meadows text “Places to Intervene” participants will learn a framework for identifying systems through considering intervention points. With each intervention point climate change is used as a case study for dialog and exercises.

Participants will gain practice looking at issues from a systems perspective, facility considering conflicting perspectives both in scale and mindset, as well as sitting with perspectives in which there are not immediate, simple or conceivable solutions.

The Tyranny of Solutions
Our current climate/civilizational crisis is a large geologic event. We are literally lopping off mountaintops and melting ice caps. This era not only challenges our foundation of understanding of the world, but our response often undermines our ability to maintain a intellectual, spiritual and emotional sensibility.

How do you look at a problem that is way bigger than you can solve and still find meaning and purpose in your job and role? How do you be with a problem that is impossible to solve but still engage with it in a way that is not deluded, in denial or overwhelmingly soul crushing? Using the climate crisis as an example we will develop skills that apply to being in a company, a family or a part of any group.